My views on mental health counseling

Our lives are complex, from our bodies, to our relationships, the environments we live in, our emotions and our problems. Mental health is also complex, and we need to understand it in the context of our lives. Therefore, I believe as counselors we need to use wholistic, and principled approaches to compassionately and comprehensively understand and treat our mental health problems.  When we approach counseling this way, we may move beyond survival and can learn how to thrive in life.

Tele-health & Tele-Counseling

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Usually our physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual resources work in harmony allowing us to endure suffering while maintaining our quality of life. However, when stress inhibits our quality of life for more than a few days, the services of a LCMHC may be necessary to help restore our well-being and functioning. Consider Dr. Giordano’s extensive training, personal and clinical experience in providing comprehensive, integrative, empirically sound, principle centered and compassionate counseling to help you thrive in life.




Dr. Louis A. Giordano, LCMHC, NCC, BCPCC

President & Owner: Giordano Counseling Services, Inc.


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